Friday, 11 May 2012

Ideas for refashioning your basement

While refashioning your basement it is very vital to stay calm and focused all the way throughout the project. It is advisable that a dedicated folder is assigned to organize and record all information about the contractors, plans, warranties of new appliances, paint samples etc. While remodeling your basement you should give a good thought regarding the available area and then plan effective utilization to create extra space for your family and guests.

Few ideas of refashioning your basement into utility space

  • Make an entertainment or recreational room:
  • If in case your basement area is appropriate you can always create space for entertainment with big television, pool table and sound system. It will be a perfect spot for the entire family and kids to enjoy weekends and other free time together.
  • Include a guest room:
  • It is always difficult to accommodate an uncalled guest. Therefore an extra bedroom is never harm. In case you have ample space it is better to get both bedroom and bathroom constructed together so that the guest can also enjoy his privacy without hindering others.
  • Add a Kitchen or Laundry Room:
  • Extra space for laundry or kitchen always comes handy and you can create a spacious kitchen and laundry room in your basement. This will keep the rest of your house clean.
  • Build in Storage:
  • Many a times it is noticed that closets aren’t enough for storing our heavy equipments like rug washer, vacuum cleaner, lawn moaner, gardening tools etc. So you can refashion your basement to a storage space for your heavy equipment and they still be out reach of kids.
  • Build in Study for Kids:
  • With kids there is always shortage of space and you will always find it a lucrative option to create a study in your basement for kids. This way they can peacefully concentrate in their study.
  • Work space in Basement:
  • If you have your workspace designed in your basement then it saves you from the harassment of travelling. It can be a very pleasant experience to work and still be connected with your family all the time. 

While availing any of the above suggestions for remodeling your basement foremost thing which is needed in your basement is a plan to integrate windows and exterior doors in your basement. Although it will require consultation from professionals architects nevertheless it will astonish you with the results. It will facilitate ventilation and natural light which will amplify your pleasure of the extra space created in the basement.    

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