Saturday, 19 November 2011

Good news-I am walking again

It almost took me 10 months of gestation period to come out of the protective shell again to face this beautiful world.  As now once again when finally I am set to just do it the way I like it- So like ever it’s going to be more fun, more adventures and more happiness with him for whom I want to live. Let ‘s be clear it’s you Vineet.
I would like to thank my husband, my Maa, my Mom and Dad (I don’t know why why but you still come first mumma), my brothers and my sister (love you sweety), my chachi and chachu and their kids, bhabhi-bhaiya and their kids. I don’t want to be diplomatic, I do care about a few kids more as I love kids but I am told that I can’t love them as they are not mine. But you know what I still love them and nobody can stop me from loving them and one day they will realize.
Once my so called friend asked me if they some people you know has done so bad to you then why you did not harm them I had no answers I thought for the entire night- Am I that weak, cant I also harm them the same way they tried to destroy me and my happiness, cant I revenge them, is it something in me which says forgive, forget and move on.. But then I realized I that my enemy also has a kid and in doing him wrong I might snatch the smile from their face but it will also affect their kid which will neither make me smile or feel good about doing so live to my faith “that god sees everything”- as for the past doing you must have done something good that he brought me as good luck in your life and you as punishment in mine. This might be funny but it is true.   
Like everyone else I had some difficult time and all because of myself as I don’t believe in blame game. I yesterday read somewhere only your near and dear ones can make you cry because they know where it hurts.
I agree with it completely and have finally found the solution for the same. So my countdown begins and let’s sees in how many days I can get my true self back.
What has life taught me in recent past?
1.       Keep your expectation low from others but very “HIGH” from yourself.
2.      Whenever you feel someone is doing wring to you always be other person’s shoe to see in such a case how would have you reacted in the same situation and compare. Then think that is the reason you are two different people.
3.       At the end of the day only you can be loved by your family and don’t even expect your enemies to think anything more than your disaster.
4.      If you want to be happy with what you have then stay away from negative people. They not only destroy your loved ones life but yours too if you let them to do.
5.       Give a chance to everything but never give away yourself self respect. If incase people are trying to take undo advantage of you thinking you won’t react then you should react above their expectation and shock them so that they are caught unguarded and their true feelings come out. Never react to things when plan for actions after your reaction. In such cases always be calm and think positive.  I do realize that it is a catchy phrase to simply advise that stay positive when others want you to react in negative way.   
6.      Don’t think too much and always communicate your feelings to someone who can stand by you even if you want to be alone.
7.        Whenever you get angry over someone you care about think about the time you spent without him or her. If you love that person your anger will subside down but in case it bubbles out more then he himself is pathetic and he is not even worth thinking about.
8.       Don’t let anyone else decide for. You can always look for resolution or advice from others but always do what you feel is correct.
9.      It is simple keep it simple.
10.   Always remember “You are here to only live up to your own expectation and no one else”. So always do whatever you feel is the best for and stop thinking on the old rules and lines laid by elders. As it says in old stories told to kid Once upon a time there was a king and queen similarly once upon a time there was a time when people had time for other. I once told to Goswami, If you want to take time out for someone you are always free whereas when you just want to act to be busy nothing in the world can stop you to be busy.

So my well wishers thank you for being with me when I needed you the most and my adversary stay away from me or you may get hurt. See I still care for the people whom I hate the most


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