Thursday, 24 November 2011

“Happy Thanksgiving Day” to all my new and old friends and family

Life is difficult on everyone and people look for reasons to celebrate life. Similar to life all the festivals   we enjoy have evolved with time. Additionally, with interexchange of cultures all over the world people blend and celebrate life together. Like today is “Thanksgiving Day”.
In my last profile of working as a BDM I had a lot opportunity for cross culture exchange. I found each and every meeting with a client as a new experience. I came to know thousands of things I could have never got to know if would not have had such a conversation with them.
I still remember my meeting with Mc Chan and Thiman Chuong from DLC they were senior associates from building and creative team of DLC Pvt Ltd. Out of the two I got more comfortable with Thiman.  He is outspoken and enjoys wide conversations. After discussing business  we were on our drinks and getting to know each other well when he became a bit nostalgic about his family and started linking his childhood memories and explained a lot many things they do in US as festivity like Christmas, Black friday , Thanksgiving Day etc.
Just out of curiosity Thanksgiving Day is observed on fourth Thursday of November to celebrate the harvest for the current season. As in US too people have moved from villages to cities so their motives of celebration have changed. I know there are too many controversies running about the first thanks giving feast started however in my eyes it is more important to focus on the reason to celebrate the happiness one still has while feasting with family and friends.
So “Happy Thanksgiving Day” to all my new and old friends and family.

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