Monday, 21 May 2012

Suffering from Pseudo-croup

What is Croup or Pseudo-Croup?

Pseudo-croup or the croup is a lump in throat and is distinct by a strident cough similar to the yap of a seal. It is caused by a virus and the patient suffers from redness and inflammation around the larynx. It is generally cured within a week and croup in children is very common. Similar to common cold application of vaporizer and hot steam relieves the patient from tenderness around the throat. This may sound similar to any cough and cold but the child suffering from it generally find it very difficult to swallow anything and it is very dreadful confrontation.

Causes of Croup:

Like common cold, croup cough is caused by a virus known as parainfluenza. It is a communicable disease and can be communicated to a healthy person from another sick person. It is transferred through air and by touch. When the patient actually comes in physical contact with another healthy person or coughs in close distance from him without covering his mouth with either hand or handkerchief it may be communicated. On few occasions it can be an additional disease. Like while suffering from measles, flu, RSV or any kind of bacterial infection Croup can be an associative disease amassing more trouble for the child. Commonly it occurs during winter season.

Symptoms of Croup:

Like any common cold the patient suffers severely through night due to fall in temperature. Other few symptoms of croup are

  • Loud barking cough similar to the sound made by seal.
  • Running nose
  • Milder cough
  • Inflammation in throat
  • Trouble while breathing.
  • May even be accompanied by fever.

Treatment of Croup:

As Croup is caused by a virus antibiotics don’t have reaction over it. Generally it is advisable to treat croup through home remedies however if in any case the child feels severe breathing difficulty then it is better to consult a doctor and get the child admitted to a medical facility where he can be sited in a croup tent for croup treatment. Croup tent is a unusual tent where there is a controlled excessive supply of oxygen to facilitate the child to breath comfortably.   Steroids may be prescribed to the child to dwindle the swelling and inflammation in the throat. This will even help the child breathe normally.

Although this should create a difference in treatment for croup but if breathing still persist than artificial respiration through tube may be arranged in the hospital.

Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes alone don’t affect the condition of a child suffering from Croup. However prevention is considered better than cure. If care be taken such that the child is minimally exposed to common cold or flu virus it may minimize the probability of child suffering from croup. Frequent washing of face and hand is very important to maintain hygiene.

Home remedies for Croup

  • Stay calm and be patient with the child. Don’t seem anxious as this may alarm the child too which may worsen his condition further.
  • Make the child breathe moist warm air.
  • Hold the child tightly and in upright position to make his breathing easier.
  • For young baby water, formula and mother breast milk will be relaxing while for elder kids you can even try and fruit juice or soup.
  • Sleep will refresh the child and will sooth him over infection.
  • Take the child on a walk in cool air it will improve his breathing.
  • Try these home remedies and you will soon find considerable change. For a change you might want to sleep with your little one and take care of any emergency. If you observe you might find that the coughing subsides in baby during daytime and it might amplify during night. It is a common occurrence and you simply need to focus on getting his infection cured.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Ideas for refashioning your basement

While refashioning your basement it is very vital to stay calm and focused all the way throughout the project. It is advisable that a dedicated folder is assigned to organize and record all information about the contractors, plans, warranties of new appliances, paint samples etc. While remodeling your basement you should give a good thought regarding the available area and then plan effective utilization to create extra space for your family and guests.

Few ideas of refashioning your basement into utility space

  • Make an entertainment or recreational room:
  • If in case your basement area is appropriate you can always create space for entertainment with big television, pool table and sound system. It will be a perfect spot for the entire family and kids to enjoy weekends and other free time together.
  • Include a guest room:
  • It is always difficult to accommodate an uncalled guest. Therefore an extra bedroom is never harm. In case you have ample space it is better to get both bedroom and bathroom constructed together so that the guest can also enjoy his privacy without hindering others.
  • Add a Kitchen or Laundry Room:
  • Extra space for laundry or kitchen always comes handy and you can create a spacious kitchen and laundry room in your basement. This will keep the rest of your house clean.
  • Build in Storage:
  • Many a times it is noticed that closets aren’t enough for storing our heavy equipments like rug washer, vacuum cleaner, lawn moaner, gardening tools etc. So you can refashion your basement to a storage space for your heavy equipment and they still be out reach of kids.
  • Build in Study for Kids:
  • With kids there is always shortage of space and you will always find it a lucrative option to create a study in your basement for kids. This way they can peacefully concentrate in their study.
  • Work space in Basement:
  • If you have your workspace designed in your basement then it saves you from the harassment of travelling. It can be a very pleasant experience to work and still be connected with your family all the time. 

While availing any of the above suggestions for remodeling your basement foremost thing which is needed in your basement is a plan to integrate windows and exterior doors in your basement. Although it will require consultation from professionals architects nevertheless it will astonish you with the results. It will facilitate ventilation and natural light which will amplify your pleasure of the extra space created in the basement.    

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What is XFBML?

Guess what ? I learned XFBML today. Now you must be thinking what this XFBML is? So let it simple to you. XFBML stands for Extended Facebook Markup Language.
This is a markup language used to integrate facebook functions into your website. I recently installed a like button on my websites’s blog succesfully. XFBML works on FB Java script SDK platform. Unlike HTML, XFBML has unique tags which require FB Java script SDK platform.

For further information, please see this Facebook Developers' Guide.

What to Blog Today?

I have personally met many bloggers who struggle with the idea of selection topic for what to blog about today but it is just the opposite in my case. Truly, I have so much to discuss I find it difficult to think from where to start.
While surfing you might have come across millions of blogs and they might have given you amazing tips about what to blog and how to blog but one thing which should always be bored in a blogger’s mind is that “Blogging is like a relationship and a true blogger must be committed to his blog like a parent” and by no means can leave it midway.

Secondly “Always be honest with your feelings while Blogging”. Previously, when I use to write about my feelings or articles about relationships with my parents, siblings, relatives, colleagues, associates or loved ones after finishing writing I use to retouch the article to make it more appropriate i.e. more acceptable to the society I live in. I always thought my views might be disconcerting and might raise a brow or upset somebody very close, however when I went through a miserable emotional phase in my life I use to read inspirational blog to revive myself. Blogs which had uncovered real life experience exposed without any inhabitance and believe it or not I found strength after reading such writing. I felt I was not the only one facing such circumstances. It was then I realized how it’s termed that a pen is mightier than sword and how a writing piece can change life for someone else.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Financial stress: Plan your way out of financial stress

It is a very dreadful feeling to be in debt and many a times proves to be one of the major reasons of stress. Previous accumulated debt always seems never ending and there are always new piles of bills/debts to meet in post. 

Nonetheless, one can always turn the tables with a little cautious management of your finances which in turn will minimize stress. Learning ways to cope financial stress has always been a successful mantra to a happier and least stressed life. While in any financial debt situation when you are experiencing stress there are several ways to cope with them as mentioned below:

1)   Always seek advice for debt management from seniors and experienced advisors
It may be tricky to familiarize yourself with debt management techniques instantly and may pile as stress. So it is always advisable to seek debt management counseling for better management of life and its expense. An expert can offer you ways to improvise your current scenario and plan a way to live a better future.

2)   Always remember your P’s
Stress is more a psychological problem. It exaggerates in case you feel that you are unable to cope with the situation. Hence in case you feel the over burden of your financial crisis it is advisable to be positive and prepared for the situation.

As a good start always try and budget your incomes and expenses to channelize its flow and design a way to increase your income and curb down your expenses.

How to create a budget for yourself?
Simply write down all your necessary expenses to be incurred each month like rent, travelling, food, medicine etc and then your earning for each month. Try and keep some emergency fund for uncertain events. It is very important to always try and keep your expenses less than your income. 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

“Happy Thanksgiving Day” to all my new and old friends and family

Life is difficult on everyone and people look for reasons to celebrate life. Similar to life all the festivals   we enjoy have evolved with time. Additionally, with interexchange of cultures all over the world people blend and celebrate life together. Like today is “Thanksgiving Day”.
In my last profile of working as a BDM I had a lot opportunity for cross culture exchange. I found each and every meeting with a client as a new experience. I came to know thousands of things I could have never got to know if would not have had such a conversation with them.
I still remember my meeting with Mc Chan and Thiman Chuong from DLC they were senior associates from building and creative team of DLC Pvt Ltd. Out of the two I got more comfortable with Thiman.  He is outspoken and enjoys wide conversations. After discussing business  we were on our drinks and getting to know each other well when he became a bit nostalgic about his family and started linking his childhood memories and explained a lot many things they do in US as festivity like Christmas, Black friday , Thanksgiving Day etc.
Just out of curiosity Thanksgiving Day is observed on fourth Thursday of November to celebrate the harvest for the current season. As in US too people have moved from villages to cities so their motives of celebration have changed. I know there are too many controversies running about the first thanks giving feast started however in my eyes it is more important to focus on the reason to celebrate the happiness one still has while feasting with family and friends.
So “Happy Thanksgiving Day” to all my new and old friends and family.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Job interview: Backend Financial Process

Recently I got a call from HR that there is a captive unit in Gurgaon who are looking for hiring for more than 50 people and they offering a better salary package between Rs 1,25,000 to Rs 2,75,000 and incentives with bonus.

They say that it is one of leading brands. Basically the job is in Gurgaon and non voice. They have 5 days working with cab facility. They are looking for simple graduates in 24*7 rotational cultures.
Basic requirement will ensuring the eminence of services delivered with quick resolution.

Contact Person: Mohit, Manoj
Address: 29/27, Ground Floor, Opposite 30-Block Mother Dairy, West Patel Nagar, Delhi, India 110008
Telephone: 9811696141, 9971004567