Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What to Blog Today?

I have personally met many bloggers who struggle with the idea of selection topic for what to blog about today but it is just the opposite in my case. Truly, I have so much to discuss I find it difficult to think from where to start.
While surfing you might have come across millions of blogs and they might have given you amazing tips about what to blog and how to blog but one thing which should always be bored in a blogger’s mind is that “Blogging is like a relationship and a true blogger must be committed to his blog like a parent” and by no means can leave it midway.

Secondly “Always be honest with your feelings while Blogging”. Previously, when I use to write about my feelings or articles about relationships with my parents, siblings, relatives, colleagues, associates or loved ones after finishing writing I use to retouch the article to make it more appropriate i.e. more acceptable to the society I live in. I always thought my views might be disconcerting and might raise a brow or upset somebody very close, however when I went through a miserable emotional phase in my life I use to read inspirational blog to revive myself. Blogs which had uncovered real life experience exposed without any inhabitance and believe it or not I found strength after reading such writing. I felt I was not the only one facing such circumstances. It was then I realized how it’s termed that a pen is mightier than sword and how a writing piece can change life for someone else.

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